Jan Poston Day

Jan Poston Day, Director of Standards and Interoperability, coordinates Blackboard’s standards efforts and serves as primary liaison to standards bodies. She also directs the Building Blocks program, Blackboard’s open architecture that enables third-party developers to integrate their tools, systems and services with the Blackboard platform. Jan has more than 14 years of experience in project management, software engineering and business development. Prior to joining Blackboard Jan worked for Booz-Allen & Hamilton and NASA.

Growing up Jan’s favorite teacher was Mr. Linkins, her 7th grade Geography teacher. Mr. Linkins inspired in Jan a life-long love of the study of our world and how we relate to it. This in turn led Jan to earn two degrees in Geography. Her husband still wonders why she can’t fold a map correctly.

Jan lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC with her husband Charles and her 8 year old Airedale Terrier Gemma. When Jan has some free time she can be found knitting, brewing beer or reading science fiction novels.

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