Gordon Freedman

Gordon Freedman is committed to the transformation of the education sector through the incorporation of technology, new pedagogical models, and business models. It is inevitable that the transformation is going to occur. Freedman’s specific interests are to work within each segment (K12, Higher Ed, Publishers, Technology Vendors) that is contributing to the transformation in order that large-scale change can occur. For these purposes, Freedman works with and knows many of the key individuals, organizations, and corporations in the eLearning, textbook publishing, K12 and university associations and institutions, and in the technology companies active in the space. Freedman maintains a large network of contacts and is a regular speaker, presenter, and writer in the eLearning forums. Freedman’s core skills blend business, marketing, market development, strategic planning and strategic sales. He is known for his ability to innovate, supervise complex technology development, bring disparate groups to consensus, and create business alliances and partnerships.

Freedman is based in Carmel, CA. He devotes a good deal of time to volunteer and advisory work in the schools in his area.

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